Taking abortion lightly as if it isn’t a big deal is the biggest thing I don’t like about pro-choice mindsets. I understand it is your body and you have the right to it, but beyond the vague lines between a fetus being killed etc… abortion can easily be avoided. It’s called protected sex… if only our government promoted that more than it promotes the idea of government funded abortions. Safe sex prevents unwanted pregnancies, that way you wouldn’t NEED an abortion. And sorry, but only 1% of abortions are for situations of rape and situations where the pregnancy will obviously hurt the mother. That means 99% of them are because someone decided that unprotected sex was worth the risk. That number needs to FALL. The percent of abortions performed should be 100% situations where the mother would be harmed by the birth.

I’m not saying that women shouldn’t have the choice, I’m saying that women should be smart enough to know that pregnancy is serious and to not risk becoming pregnant by having unprotected sex… that way, less abortions need to be performed, no one gets butthurt, and no one has to bear responsibility for their actions. 

It all boils down to responsibility. No one knows how to accept consequences for their actions to the point where they want the government to pay for the abortion as if it was “healthcare.” The only time abortion should be healthcare is in that 1% of the abortions where the baby would harm the mother. 

tl;dr You had unprotected sex, deal with the consequences yourself, if you don’t want to deal with the consequences, then don’t have unprotected sex. Simple enough. 

PS, yes I understand getting an abortion is “dealing with the consequences” but it isn’t if you are having someone else pay for it for you. Ie: parents, or tax-payers. That is NOT dealing with consequences.



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